Amazon Awards $4 Million in Scholarships, Internship Offers to 100 Students

For its first round of Future Engineer Scholarship offers, Amazon will give 100 high school students $10,000 per year over four years to study computer science, the company announced April 2.

The Amazon Future Engineer program educates close to 10 million children in underrepresented and underserved communities across the U.S. to study computer science. 100 high school seniors in 32 states represent the 2019 class of Future Engineer Scholarship recipients. The students chosen will be able to study at any college of their choice in fall 2019. With the scholarship offers, students will also receive an internship at Amazon after the completion of their freshman year. Amazon chose recipients based on academic achievement, school participation and activities, future goals and diversity. Each of the students who was selected demonstrated financial need.

Amazon Awards $40K in Scholarships, Internship Offers to 100 Students
Amazon Future Engineer scholarship recipient Leo Jean Baptiste and his mom in Orange, New Jersey. (Photo: Business Wire)

This scholarship is very important because it means when I go to college, I won’t have to constantly worry about money, said Leo Jean Baptiste, from Orange High School in Orange, New Jersey, in a release.

“I have an internship at one of the top companies in the world – I feel relieved knowing that I have the opportunity set up ahead of time.”

Leo is going to be a brilliant computer scientist and, more than that, he wants to use computer science to really make a change and better the world, said Hooman Behzadpo, Leo’s math and computer science teacher at Orange High School, in a release.

“This is a phenomenal opportunity for Leo, and it’s a phenomenal thing for the community. But equally as much, it’s a fantastic opportunity for future generations of students.”

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020, 1.4 million computer-science- related jobs will be on the market, and only 400,000 computer science graduates to fill those positions. Only about 8 percent of STEM graduates major in computer science. Amazon Future Engineer program started in 2018 with a goal to invest $50 million into the computer science/STEM education.

High school seniors interested in applying for the scholarship offer can send an application starting November 2019. The program is currently accepting applications for the high school piece of its program at

We are confident that these scholarship recipients are our country’s next generation of world-changing inventors and leaders, said Jeff Wilke, CEO, Worldwide Consumer, Amazon.

“They are an impressive, hard-working group, and we’re thrilled to call them our first class of Amazon Future Engineer scholarship winners,” said Jeff Wilke, CEO, Worldwide Consumer, Amazon.

“This scholarship is a reflection of our appreciation for the work these students have done so far, and an investment in them and the future we all share. We are eager to see the bold paths paved by these students as college students, Amazon interns, and beyond.”


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